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Farming The Wind

Wind Turbine in a Field

Farming has always been subject to the uncertainties of weather and market conditions. But farmers in Huron County, Michigan, have found something they finally can count on.

The wind!

Blowing across Lake Huron, the wind there is always ripe for harvesting. A patch of thirty two turbines have already been planted. And plans for 42 more are underway.

Bob Krohn, a farmer in the area, anticipates reaping up to $30,000 per year from just three windmills on his property. It's a welcome source of revenue where incomes are fifteen percent below the national average.

Michigan is another in a growing list of farm belt states like Texas, Iowa, Minnesota and others, where wind power is becoming a major industry. Many of these states require utilities to generate a certain percentage of electricity from alternative sources. Other than concerns about creating hazards for birds, windmills are readily accepted in rural areas.

In fact, some see them as a way of preserving our rich agricultural heritage. After all, what would you prefer in your backyard? A subdivision of homes, coal-burning power plant, or wind turbines?

Script by Stephen Webb

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