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High Fashion Green, For Less

World of Fashion

Let's talk about high fashion and Target, the big box store.

The two seemingly opposites converged, recently, largely because of the environmentally focused business ethic of runway designer Rogan Gregory.

Gregory is a 30-something New York-based clothing designer. He's emerging as a style visionary, and he got that way by designing with sustainability in mind. That is, environmental sustainability.

Gregory recycles T-shirts and designs urban, ultra-cool denim duds in certified organic cotton. Where's his stuff sell? Only in the poshest stores.

His work caught the attention of Target. The chain wanted to reach the earth-conscious but budget-minded crowd. So it approached Gregory about working together.

Some designers might have said no. But Gregory realized something: Clothes from organic cotton, bamboo and other eco-friendly fibers are usually on the pricey side. Only the Targets and Wal-Marts of the world will ever be able to place the massive orders necessary for prices on these fibers to drop enough to pull them into the mainstream. Simple eco-economics.

The result? Target's new Rogan Gregory fashion line. It's called "Go International" and is priced at $15 to $45.

Leaving plenty of cash for a big bag of Target popcorn.

Script by Bob Rhein

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