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Conservative About Conservation

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Ah, the path to a greener planet is paved with good intentions.

A Yale and George Mason university study polled 1,001 American adults to determine their attitudes and practices with respect to conservation.

The results revealed that we're not as green as we think. Eighty eight percent of respondents said that it's important to recycle, 81% carry re-useable shopping bags and 72% use public transportation or carpool.

But far fewer actually did anything. Only half recycled, only a third shopped with re-useable bags, and only ten percent used public transportation or carpooled!

Well, you say, blame the government. Maybe there's not enough public transportation, recycling centers, or laws to encourage environmentally friendly practices. On the other hand you could call or write to your government officials.

But the study did find one area where attitude and action did seem to match: Shopping! More than a third of respondents prefer to do business with companies taking steps to decrease global warming, and, about the same number refuse to buy from companies that don't.

It's a start. By putting more of what we know into practice, we pave that path of good intentions with earth-saving results.

Script by Gail Davis