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Locavore Love

If you don't have time for gardening, you can still turn over a new leaf -- without turning dirt! That is thanks to farmers who offer personal agriculture services.

That's right, Farmer John, concierge-style! In Portland, Oregon, for a modest fee, Robyn Streeter and Donna Smith will happily plow up your lawn, plant tomatoes and snap peas, and place your crop by your backdoor.

Streeter and Smith call their business, "Your Backyard Farmer:" They plant organic vegetables, fruits and even herbs in clients' backyards, then maintain each mini-farm as if it were their own green acres.

In San Francisco, Trevor Paque performs the same service for residents who pine for really local food: As in right outside their kitchen windows.

It's the latest wave in the "locavore" trend -- that is, eating locally grown food, as much as possible. Locavores say eating locally builds local economies and usually involves less environmental damage than grocery store food, since it doesn't require long-distance trucking.

And Streeter notes that those little backyard farms have mileage of their own: Just 20 square feet easily feeds four people.

Now that's an idea worth harvesting, whether you find a farmer or become one yourself!

Script by Bob Rhein

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