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Green Toilets In New York City

Public Toilet

In New York City, at one public park, people may soon come for the tennis but stay for the toilets. That's because designs for new bathrooms at Riverside Park's clay tennis courts include carbon-neutral composting toilets.

The park forms a leafy green ribbon along the Hudson River. It's an area as complicated as beautiful, at least as far as toilets are concerned.

It's nowhere near a sewer line! The closest hook-up stops across the busy Henry Hudson Parkway, which separates the courts from the rest of the park, and from the city. What's more, being next to the river, the water table is too high for septic tanks.

That means for years the only facilities were porta-potties. Not the most pleasant way to go, when you gotta go.

Now a local non-profit, that runs the courts along with the city, has said: No sewer? No problem! It commissioned plans for a state-of-the-art bathroom, built from recycled materials, with a roof garden, solar panels to stay off the grid, and composting toilets that use three ounces of water per flush.

The non-profit must still raise $5 million dollars for construction. So, here's hoping they'll be flush with cash soon.

Script by Gail Davis

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