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Two-Way Energy Traffic

Energy Networks

Dutch researcher Jos Meeuwen would like to put in a plug for energy self-sufficiency.

In fact, he'd like to put in a plug for everyone in his country. Why? So they can upload and download energy much like information is exchanged on the Internet.

It's all based on his assumption that for the foreseeable future, networks will be needed to distribute electricity. He predicts that by 2050 at least half of Holland's energy will be coming from sustainable sources that will need access to the grid.

That way, whether it's power from roof panels, wind turbines or power plants, it's all just part of the mix. And, both business and home-based consumers can add to or use electricity as they need to.

Of course there are technical hurdles to overcome before Meeuwen's scenario becomes a reality. Like the ability to create two-way energy traffic, or store up enormous amounts of electricity for distribution on demand.

Hopefully, Meeuwen and others will find ways to overcome these obstacles. And when they do, we may all look forward to hearing this when we log onto a network someday:

"You've got power."

Script by Stephen Webb