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Doggie Doo

So what should you do with your doggie's doo?

Your dog Fido probably wishes you'd just leave it in the yard -- let the world know that somebody important owns this piece of real-estate.

Not a good idea. It's actually considered a bio-hazard!

Dog droppings can be full of parasites like hookworms, roundworms, and infectious giardia -- a single-celled protist that can infect people, as well as neighborhood pets and wildlife.

The best thing you can do is pick it up. But now what?

Some folks simply flush everything down the toilet. This works if there's no clay or dirt mixed in. Otherwise, you run the risk of mucking up the plumbing.

So, most people bag the stuff and toss it in their regular trash. If your trash ends up in an anaerobic land-fill, everything decomposes slowly no matter what. But some products like BioBag decompose a bit more quickly under the right conditions and might lighten the load at your landfill. Composting's another option, and there are units designed especially for doggy duty.

In the end, better to let Fido be king of a clean kingdom.

Script by Pat Maxwell

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