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Creating A Better Commute

These days, Americans are driving three times as many miles per capita as they did in 1980. Not only are longer commutes driving us crazy, they're also driving us closer to global warming.

In California, for example, 40 percent of greenhouse gases come from transportation. But a recent report sponsored by the Urban Land Institute suggests a more sane alternative.

Live closer to where you want to go.

By clustering housing, offices, stores and institutions inside compact, urban developments, we could cut vehicle greenhouse emissions by seven percent. We could also save on gas and taxes that would otherwise have to support sprawling suburban developments.

And what about all that time we spend driving? We could invest it in friends and family and enrich our personal lives.

Did you know two thirds of all U.S. structures will be built between now and 2050, so it's time to act now. Local municipalities control zoning regulations authorizing new construction, and Congress controls millions of dollars that may be spent on new roads.

So contact your elected officials and urge them to promote environmentally responsible development. You might also consider living closer to work when you make your next move.

Script by Stephen Webb

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