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Children’s Theatre Goes Green

Kermit the Frog always said, "It's not easy being green." But like him, another group of actors has discovered it can be popular. Especially with children.

They're with the National Theatre for Children from Minneapolis, Minnesota. And they've been presenting the play, "Boomerang Jack and the Unseen Green Machine" at schools all across the country. Based on the response so far, it may be one of their most popular productions ever.

Starring the fiendish Great Waster of Energy, absentminded Professor Whatshisname and Boomerang Jack the hero, the play communicates important information about timely conservation and environmental issues, with an emphasis on renewable energy.

The 25-minute show uses simple sets and audience participation, and includes handouts like workbooks, posters and teacher guides. By presenting the information in a variety of fun ways, producers hope children will become educators at home, sharing what they've learned with parents and siblings.

Boomerang Jack and his friends may be heading your way soon.

Because just like the Muppets took Manhattan, Boomerang Jack and friends may soon be taking your town by storm.

Script by Stephen Webb

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