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Ok, so here's a quick quiz for you. What does U.S.D.A. stand for? Right: the United States Department of Agriculture! Now, what do they do? Gotcha!

Turns out they do a lot -- everything to do with food in fact: From seed to harvest, from production to plate. Now what about a "5 a Day." Sound familiar? Nope, that's not a U.S.D.A. program. But, 5 a Day's success depends on the U.S.D.A.'s success!

5 a Day is a program that began with funding from the National Cancer Institute. It's named for the five fresh fruits and vegetables they suggest you eat daily to stay healthier.

The U.S.D.A.'s mission is to make sure our food is safe, that there's enough, and that people have access to it. Fruits and veggies come courtesy of Mother Nature, true. But it's the U.S.D.A. that monitors watersheds to ensure clean water for crops, monitors the health of bees used for pollination, and aids farmers in getting the highest yields possible. Their vigilance makes sure you can get your 5 a Day.

The U.S.D.A.'s 2009 budget of $95 billion covers a lot of ground, quite literally.

Script by Pat Florez

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