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Wild Horse Habitat Shrinking

Wild Horses

He was smart and really funny. And as a TV personality, Mr. Ed the talking horse was a big hit in the 1960's.

Of course, horses can't talk.

Though, wild horse trainers like Carolyn Resnick might argue otherwise. She says they communicate through movement. Still, we could sure use an articulate Mr. Ed to speak on behalf of all wild horses in North America. You see there just isn't enough space.

Columbus was the first to bring the modern horse to North America. As an introduced species, without many natural predators, their numbers quickly grew. Today, the wild herds continue to grow rapidly while their habitat is shrinking, due in part to urban growth. This creates overpopulation problems as well as conflicts on the borders as wild horses wander onto private lands to find food and water.

So each year the Bureau of Land Management culls the herds on public lands, placing the animals in holding facilities. Right now, more than thirty thousand wild horses and burros are awaiting adoption.

Horses, of course, still aren't talking but you can weigh in on this important conversation.

Script by Dan Maxwell

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