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Pyrolysis With Benefits

Plant in Black Soil

Let's hear it for "agrichar"!

Why? First, because agrichar is a carbon byproduct of pyrolysis, a process that involves heating crop waste in the absence of oxygen to produce clean, renewable energy.

Secondly, because agrichar dramatically improves crop yields when it's added to soil. In one study recently conducted in Australia, it tripled the biomass of wheat, and more than doubled it for soybeans. It also reduced the need for additional fertilizer and increased the soil's water-holding capacity.

Last, but definitely not least, agrichar locks carbon into the soil for far longer than ordinary compost, mulch or crop residue. Up to hundreds of years, in fact, as compared to just two or three. And since soil is the biggest storage pool of carbon-based greenhouse gases on land, agrichar has great potential for taking a bite out of global warming.

Assuming pyrolysis catches on as an alternative fuel source for consumers, agrichar will become widely available for farmers to use on their fields.

And when that happens, it'll be a win, win, win situation for everyone who wants a cleaner, healthier environment.

Script by Stephen Webb

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