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Divorce Tough On Environment


We all know divorce can be painful for those involved. And now, researchers at the University of Michigan have determined that divorce also hurts the environment.

Based on a comparison of households around the world, they found that divorced households consume more resources per person and are less energy efficient.

In the U.S., for example, divorced households contained 38 million extra rooms and spent 35 percent more for electricity and 46 percent more for water per person than married households.

In all 12 countries surveyed -- which included countries such as Brazil, Greece and South Africa -- divorce was estimated to result in 7.4 million additional households.

Of course, other factors contribute to smaller households as well -- like the decline in multi-generational living and people staying single longer. But divorce is still the most significant, and is steadily on the rise everywhere!

In most cases, the urge to conserve probably won't be enough to overcome irreconcilable differences. Still, it's nice to know that the old saying, "Save watershower with a friend!" has now been proven to be true!

Script by Stephen Webb

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