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Composting Doggy Doo


A rhinestone dog collar: $35
A doggy doo composter: Priceless...

At least that's what Sharon Slack of Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture thinks. She created a composter for her dog Callie. That thing just kept going. It lasted a full ten years. Callie the dog did her part, and nature did the rest.

Composters cost about a hundred bucks. Or, you can make one. First, find a place that's far away from produce gardens and high above the water table. Doggy doo is considered a hazardous waste.

Next, dig a nice big hole. Cut the bottom off a plastic garbage can, drill holes in the side, and plant it. Toss in some rocks and sow bugs, if they're available. Then, finish everything off with Fido's contribution, a dash of organic compost accelerator, a tad of water, and pop the lid on top.

Sharon says this recipe works every time. Best of all, a composter like this can handle a LOT of... uhh... bio-degradable stuff. Every so often, just throw in a few leaves and grass clippings -- oh and don't forget the organic compost accelerator.

Script by Pat Florez

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