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The Climate Change Game

Internet Game

To the world-at-large, global warming is anything but a game. But if you happen to be on the Internet, it can be.

That's where you'll find a game called Climate Challenge. Produced by the BBC, it lets you be president of the European Nations. Your job as prez is to pass environmental laws and react to crises caused by climate change -- all the while staying popular enough with voters to remain in office.

The data driving the game are actual climate change projections from 2006 provided by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. And most of the policies players can work with came from real government policy documents.

But the producers of the Climate Change game want to make sure people know it wasn't meant to accurately predict future events related to global warming. Instead, their goal was to provide players with a fun and challenging way to learn more about the impact of climate change and options governments have for dealing with it.

So next time you're online why not give it a try? With all the insights you'll gain by playing, there's no way you won't be a winner -- and the earth, too.

Script by Stephen Webb

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