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Street Light Bright Idea

LED Light

Already declared the third smartest city in the U.S. by Forbes Magazine, Ann Arbor, Michigan recently had another bright idea.

They decided to replace all their downtown street lights with L.E.D.s.

By replacing more than a thousand incandescent bulbs with light-emitting diodes, they anticipate saving $100,000 annually in energy costs. And, reducing CO2 emissions per year by the equivalent of taking 400 cars off the road.

Ann Arbor joins Raleigh, North Carolina, and Toronto, Canada, as a participant in the L.E.D. City Initiative -- a group made up of government and industry leaders committed to promoting municipal use of L.E.Ds.

According to the Department of Energy, rapid conversion to L.E.D.s in the U.S. over the next 20 years could eliminate the need for 133 new power plants by reducing electrical lighting demands by 62 percent.

Initially designed for industrial and street lighting, L.E.D. lights are increasingly being used in homes -- including Christmas tree lights you may have purchased this past season.

So, while Ann Arbor may be the first city in the country switching to L.E.D.s, you could still manage to become the first house on your block to make the switch.

Script by Stephen Webb

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