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The Amazing Earthrace

While most scientists agree the rate of climate change is setting new records, a boat created to call attention to it attempted to set a record of its own. The challenge was to circumnavigate the world in just under 75 days while running on 100 percent biodiesel, a renewable fuel source.

The boat, called Earthrace, is a 78 foot long three-hulled vessel described as a "wave piercing trimaran." With the Earthrace, the team trys to maintain a constant speed of approximately 26 miles per hour. The boat's space-age design includes a completely enclosed cabin, making it possible for the crew to safely plow through waves up to 50 feet high.

The energy behind this high speed powerboat is made from waste cooking oils, soya bean and canola. If the team can maintain a speed of 6 knots, the boat can travel halfway around the world on one tank of biodiesel.

You can find out if the team broke the record by following Discovery Links.

And, while you're at it, you can set your own course to reduce carbon emissions. For when it comes to climate change, we're all in this boat together.

Script by Stephen Webb

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