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Compost Bin

There was a time when a compost heap was far from mainstream. I mean, growing your food in decomposing garbage? No way!

Well, the times they are a changin'. Composting is now embraced by those who've found it's an excellent, natural way to recycle.

Rich, black compost used on your garden produces the microorganisms that help grow healthy plants, adds nutrients, and improves drainage. And instead of clogging landfills, those potato peelings, coffee grounds, tea bags, yard clippings and even paper waste can be put to work for you.

It's easy to start a compost heap - the larger the pile the better. You can contain the heap within a box or wire mesh to make it look a lot neater. If space is an issue, you can even compost in a plastic trashcan with the bottom cut out and air holes drilled in the side to increase airflow.

Oh yeah, one thing to remember, do not compost pet or human waste, meat scraps, greasy foods or dairy products, which may result in harmful bacteria, stench, and rodents -- not exactly the ideal scenario.

Script by Bob Rhein