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Green Ice Cream

Ice Cream

There's nothing like ice cream on a sweltering summer day. And it doesn't much matter whether it's in a cone, a shake, a sundae, or a banana split. There's nothing better - unless, of course, the ice cream was manufactured in an environmentally conscious way.

The grand daddy of "green" ice cream is the Ben & Jerry's brand. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield seem to have a knack for setting environmental trends -- expanding bottom lines and waistlines, too.

After implementing a comprehensive recycling program at their plant in Vermont, the company created a lagoon that purifies wastewater using solar energy, plants, algae and microbes. The lagoon replicates the natural processes of a freshwater wetland.

At least one other ice cream maker is following Ben & Jerry's lead. Snoqualmie Gourmet Ice Cream in Maltby, Washington, designed its plant to reduce wastewater runoff and noise pollution. They also have an energy efficient lighting, refrigeration, and heat recovery system.

Mmmm...let's celebrate their environmental accomplishments with a dish of "green" ice cream!

Script by Bob Rhein
Copyright 2007, Catalina Island Conservancy

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