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December 2014

New Plastics From Old Paint - December 31, 2014
Have you ever bathed in paint? Canary yellow or baby blue? Well of course you haven't! But almost three million Americans could have last year, since collectively, we threw away 68 million gallons of paint -- enough to fill three million bathtub...

XptA1: Nature’s Pesticide - December 30, 2014
Mother Nature doesn't fly a crop-duster -- she doesn't need to. A research team at the University of Warwick, England, recently discovered a natural protein that could work as well as any commercial pesticide. Called XptA1, the protein i...

Carbon Storage In Mangroves - December 29, 2014
Mangrove trees are simply amazing, in a sci-fi kind of way. They live in perhaps the most hostile plant environment imaginable -- a coastal war zone where saltwater and freshwater collide daily. Mangroves wrestle with soft soil so short on oxygen ...

RBI Highlights Conservation Needs - December 26, 2014
Get in and get out! It works for the Navy Seals. So why not do the same with a crack team of scientists? Recently, Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History did just that. They assembled a group of thirteen scientists to do what's cal...

Invasion Of Monster Toads - December 25, 2014
Now playing in Australia: Invasion of the Monster Toads! Today's story began back in the 1930s when Australia's sugar-cane farmers had a problem. Beetles were chewing up the fields. So they imported the South American Cane Toad, a creatu...

Electric Fans For Cars - December 24, 2014
Getting better gas mileage for the ride doesn't have to mean hydrogen fuel cells, or a fancy hybrid. One solution already exists right under the hood! What is it? Electric motors: Little ones. Automakers world wide are deep-sixing old-fashion...

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