September 2007

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Welcome to our September issue of the Isla Earth Radio Series e-Digest.

Last month we launched our new website. If you haven't already done so, check out the Community Action and Discovery Link pages. These two new online communities are great environmental resource tools designed just for you.

We also have a real calendar now! If you have an environmental or conservation event that you'd like to post on the calendar, send the information to us through the Contact form on the new website.

Know-it-all Quiz.. This quiz rewards you with fun animated smiley faces every time you get the answers to the questions right. Show off your environmental knowledge and earn some smiley faces along the way. To start the puzzle fun, click here.

In this issue...
  • Station Spotlight
  • Who's the Biggest Polluter?
  • Hibernation Has Advantages
  • Better Than New

  • Who's the Biggest Polluter?
    Electric Power Company

    Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the biggest polluter of them all? We may all have assumptions about who holds that title BUT according to one study, we may just be wrong. So who is the biggest polluter?

    Hibernation Has Advantages
    Arctic Ground Sqirrel

    We've all heard of the dangers of hypothermia, but scientists are looking at the interesting and positive things that happen in the body of an animal when it goes into a hypothermic state. Perhaps there are medical applications for humans?

    Better Than New
    Second-hand Shop

    Some things are better the second time around. Of course, everyone has to choose when "pre-owned" is as good as new. But in some cases, an item with a second-life is better for the environment and just as sweet as new.

    Support Isla Earth today through your Amazon.com purchases...
    The Unnatural History of the Sea
    The Unnatural History of the Sea by marine conservation biologist Callum Roberts "presents a devastating account of the effects of fishing on the sea. Once abundant aquatic life has declined to the point where we probably have less than five percent of the total mass of fish that once swam in Europe's seas...Intensive fishing since medieval times has caused this decline gradually over the centuries, so that the fish-deprived sea seems normal to today's generations...Callum's alarming conclusion is that by the year 2048, fisheries for all the fish and shellfish species we exploit today will have collapsed..." --Publishers Weekly

    Buy The Unnatural History of the Sea by Callum Roberts through Amazon.com by clicking here and up to 8.5% of the purchase will go to support the Isla Earth Radio Series.

    Isla Earth Radio Series brought to you by...
    Catalina Island Conservancy
    the Annenberg Foundation's Blue Planet Initiative, and produced by the Catalina Island Conservancy, because Earth is an Island.

    About the Catalina Island Conservancy...

    Station Spotlight
    Radio Mic

    Progressive Radio Network (PRN)
    New York, New York

    "Isla Earth is an outstanding addition to Progressive Radio Network's afternoon drive programming. The show addresses crucial environmental issues, it's well produced and resonates with our audience." - Don Mathiesen, Program Director

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    CONNECT with Nature and Conservation Efforts in New York...

    The Oneida Lake Association was founded in 1945 to protect, restore and preserve the natural resources of Oneida Lake and its surrounding ecosystem. Starting out as a fishing association, it has become an environmental partnership group that represents its members in environmental issues that impact Oneida Lake including increasing public awareness of Oneida Lake, the recreational and ecological benefits it has to offer, maintaining adequate water levels for the lake, supporting the Oneida Lake fish cultural station, monitoring water quality and "problem species," and supporting conservation legislation. The OLA represents 4000+ members.

    The mission of the New York State Conservation Council, Inc. is to aid in the formulation and establishment of sound policies and practices designated to conserve, protect, restore and perpetuate forests, wildlife and scenic and recreational areas with especial regard to the state of New York.

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