November 2007

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Welcome to our November issue of the Isla Earth Radio Series e-Digest.

Crossword Puzzle. This month our puzzle is all about creature features. Like, what's the eight letter name of a poisonous creature that devours beetles in sugar cane fields? To start the puzzle fun, click here.

In this issue...
  • Station Spotlight
  • Batteries That Run On Sugar
  • Fooling Bats Restores Rainforests
  • Watts Up With CFLs?
  • Mushrooms For Insulation
  • Old-Fashioned Mower

  • Batteries That Run On Sugar
    Packets of Sugar

    We all know about the energy we get from eating a candy bar. But now sugar may soon power more than just our bodies through an afternoon slump.

    Fooling Bats Restores Rainforests
    Leaf-nosed Bat

    Fake fruit sometimes looks so real you have to touch it to know if it's plastic or not. It seems the Amazon leaf-nosed bats have the same trouble. Which is a good thing for conservation efforts in rainforests.

    Watts Up With CFLs?

    Are they, or aren't they, environmentally friendly? Because Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs) contain mercury, which is toxic, we had to know.

    Mushrooms For Insulation
    Oyster Mushroom

    We like mushrooms in salads, on steaks, in omlettes, and even as a replacement burger. But how about a fungus for insulting your home or office? It's a startup business that it's owners hope will, well, mushroom.

    Old-Fashioned Mower
    Push Mower

    In looking forward to more environmentally friendly products we can sometimes go to the past for the solution. Old-fashioned? Maybe, but push mowers have their advantages.

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    The last of Texas' native bighorns were gone by the early 1960's. Initial efforts at restocking wild sheep met with failure and were abandoned. Then in 1981 a small group of bighorn supporters formed the Texas Chapter of the Foundation for North American Wild Sheep and the Texas Bighorn Society, and began an intense lobbying effort to obtain support for the re- introduction effort in the Texas Legislature and with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission. These two groups later merged under the auspices of the Texas Bighorn Society. Today, nearly 600 bighorns roam seven locations in the mountains of West Texas, but the story is not over. The organization is dedicated to returning bighorns to all their native ranges in the state, which would raise those numbers to more than 1500.

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