June 2008

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  • Station Spotlight
  • Isla Earth Radio Series Wins First Place!
  • Puzzle Power
  • Desirable Streetcars
  • Drought Data
  • Discovering The Missing Lynx
  • Sticking With Green
  • Beaver Works
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  • Isla Earth Radio Series Wins First Place!
    LA Press Club

    This news just in...The Isla Earth Radio Series won first place in the News Bureau category at the Los Angeles Press Club's 50th Annual Journalism Awards gala on Saturday night, June 21st.

    Puzzle Power

    Explore underwater beauty with this jigsaw puzzle. Just click here to begin.

    If you're up for a real mental challenge, try this month's crossword puzzle. Just click here to begin testing your knowledge.

    Desirable Streetcars

    Clang, clang goes the trolley... Remember that old-fashioned mode of transportation? It's making a comeback! Light rail systems are under construction or are being planned in cities around the world. While it can be expensive, there are lots of benefits.

    Drought Data
    Parched Land

    Prime time disasters like earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes capture media attention. But when it comes to a devastating drought, we hear little. A new system is in the works, however, that will provide a way to help anticipate one.

    Discovering The Missing Lynx
    Iberian Lynx

    Can you imagine finding something you didn't even know was lost? That recently happened with scientists in Spain who recently found a group of Iberian lynx, one of the most endangered cats, generating a great deal of excitement.

    Sticking With Green
    Soy Beans

    The wood products industry has a new adhesive to use in making wood products like plywood, particle- and fiber board. It is made of protein from soy beans, is stronger than conventional adhesives, and best of all, is formaldehyde free. But that's just the start to the benefits of going green.

    Beaver Works

    Beavers are amazing builders, crafting dams that can transform mountain creeks into ponds that become wetlands that protect ecosystems. But the number of beavers in Rocky Mountain National Park is dwindling from a high of about 600 to a meager 30. Loss of the beavers means degraded ecosystems.

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    Book Cover

    In Wetland Birds of North America: A Guide to Observation, Understanding and Conservation a comprehensive, fully illustrated guide to wetland birds, photographer and naturalist Scott Leslie profiles some of the most common species that novice birders may observe, including loons, great blue herons, greater yellow legs, bald eagles, warblers, sparrows, and sandpipers. Each entry provides a complete profile of a species including a description of its appearance, habitat, behavior, calls and sounds, food, family life, distribution and migration, conservation concerns, and related species. Also included is a guide to North America's most easily accessible bird-rich wetlands by region, a great resource that explains where to find some of the most fascinating natural areas on the continent.-- Amazon.com

    Order Wetland Birds of North America: A Guide to Observation, Understanding and Conservation today.

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    Catalina Island Conservancy

    Isla Earth is produced by the Catalina Island Conservancy through its Fund for a Sustainable Planet, because Earth IS an Island.

    About the Catalina Island Conservancy...

    Station Spotlight
    Radio Mic

    89.5 & 90.1 KJZA-FM
    Prescott/Flagstaff, AZ

    "Isla Earth is a thoughtfully produced, intelligent and entertaining program that fits perfectly with our NPR / community programs format. Public radio listeners demand high quality programming that stimulates, informs and educates. Isla Earth delivers that and more." Tom Erickson, General Manager

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    CONNECT with Nature and Conservation efforts in Utah.

    Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary, formerly known as Heritage Park Zoo, is a non-profit wildlife sanctuary, dedicated to the conservation and protection of native and exotic animals. Located in scenic Prescott, Arizona, the sanctuary provides a source of recreation, education and entertainment for all ages. With the mission of "Conservation through Education," Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary provides a unique and up-close experience with animals visitors may see nowhere else.

    Since 1999, the focus of Desert Foothills Land Trust's fundraising efforts has been the acquisition of State Trust lands, namely the Jewel of the Creek Preserve and Go John Canyon. Along with The Nature Conservancy, staff with the organization assembled written and digital information compiled by public and private agencies and developed a Geographic Information System (GIS) database which allowed them to map out valuable habitat areas within the region. As in the past, the organization depends on the Desert Foothills communities to help them realize their land conservation goals.

    The Grand Canyon Trust is a regional, non-profit conservation organization that advocates collaborative, common sense solutions to the significant problems affecting the region's natural resources. Our work is focused in the greater Grand Canyon region of northern Arizona, and in the forests and red rock country of central and southern Utah.

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