August 2007

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Welcome to our August issue of the Isla Earth Radio Series e-Digest.

Last week we launched our new website. Check out the Community Action and Discovery Link pages. These two new online communities are great environmental resource tools that were created with you in mind.

We also have a real calendar now! If you have an environmental or conservation event that you'd like to post on the calendar, send the information to us through the Contact form on the new website.

Jigsaw Puzzle. See if you can put a Cassowary, a very unique bird indeed, together in this fun jigsaw puzzle. To start the puzzle fun, click here.

In this issue...
  • Station Spotlight
  • Shifting Baselines Breed Creeping Degradation
  • Doggy Doo Composters
  • Panda Movies
  • Easter Island
  • Space Umbrellas vs. Climate Change

  • Shifting Baselines Breed Creeping Degradation
    100 percent

    When gas prices first skyrocket to an all time high, it sends our blood pressure soaring. Yet a few short weeks later when the prices drop only a few cents -- nothing near what the price was before -- we rejoice. Basically, we adjusted our perception. This is not necessarily a good thing for the environment.

    Doggy Doo Composters
    Dog Sign

    As a pet owner, you know the drill. Take the dog out to take care of business and then you have to, well, pick it up. Now what? Well, there are options and some are more environmentally-friendly than others. This show offers a clever do-it-yourself compost solution that might be just right for you and your pooch.

    Panda Movies

    When it comes to saving an endangered species, like China's popular panda, nothing is overlooked. Not even the fact that a male panda must know what to do, and how to do "it", without hesitation. Scientists have found that showing movies of panda's in action seems to provide the proper instruction for the younger animals.

    Easter Island
    Easter Island

    There is a speck of an island off the coast of Chile that was once lush and green - a paradise. But it became the site of an environmental catastrophe. Leaving us to wonder today what the people of that time were thinking as they chopped down the last remaining tree. And, can history repeat itself?

    Space Umbrellas vs. Climate Change

    How's this for a way to fight global warming: a trillion tiny space umbrellas! Sound crazy? NASA Institute of Advanced Concepts doesn't think so. Of course, it never hurts to do your part to curb carbon dioxide emissions as well.

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    Station Spotlight
    Radio Mic

    Portales, New Mexico

    "KENW/KMTH-FM is pleased to be able to broadcast Isla Earth. The program is extremely well done with lots of interesting material. It has great audience appeal. Thanks for making such a fine radio feature available to us." - W. Ryan, Program Director

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    CONNECT with Nature and Conservation Efforts in New Mexico...

    The Playa Lakes Joint Venture is a non-profit partnership of federal and state wildlife agencies, conservation groups, private industry and landowners dedicated to conserving bird habitat in the Southern Great Plains. They provide science-based guidance and decision-support tools for all-bird conservation throughout the region, as well as outreach, coordination and financial support to partners and local groups to conduct on-the-ground habitat work.

    The Heritage Ranch Institute is a nonprofit organization conducting research, education and remediation activities at five locations in New Mexico. The aims of these activities are: to study the effects of human disturbances on local ecosystems and to develop alternatives that lessen or eliminate the negative aspects; to provide natural resource based educational opportunities for children and adults in local communities; to improve the ecological function and increase biodiversity on approximately 140,000 acres of public and private lands managed by HRI; to inventory, sample and protect archaeological sites and to study the interaction of early cultures and their environment; and to establish field stations, providing opportunities for researchers to study ecological systems at the landscape scale and hands-on educational experiences for agency personnel and for the general public.

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