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April 2007

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Welcome to our April issue of the Isla Earth Radio Series e-Digest.

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In this issue...
  • Station Spotlight
  • Vaporize Trash?
  • Going to Bat for Bats
  • Marketing Hog Dung
  • Ban the Bulb

  • Vaporize Trash?
    Garbage Dump

    Down in the dumps about trash? Imagine a future where that waste is simply zapped away, vaporized, and even the gas it creates becomes an energy source. It sounds pretty sci-fi, but it's technology that's already a reality. And, one community in Florida is hopeful they'll smell sweet success with their new plant.

    Going to Bat for Bats
    Upsidedown Bat

    Bats get a bad rap, thanks to bad movies and tall tales that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. But the truth is that these creatures are quite fascinating. They provide great services, like eating bunches of bugs every night!

    Marketing Hog Dung
    Hog Heaven

    We've all heard the term "hog heaven," but in North Carolina, yellowtail worms may have found it! Feasting on hog dung, these worms are giving the organic compost business a boost and taking care of an environmental waste problem.

    Ban the Bulb
    Ban the Bulb

    Regular light bulbs are not very efficient and in fact waste about 90 percent of the energy they use, as heat! compact fluorescent lights, or CFLs, are a great alternative. They are more efficient, and have a longer shelf life. So how do you get people to convert to CFLs? A group in England has an idea!

    Support Isla Earth today through your purchases...
    Tree: A Life Story is an "engaging 'biography'", writes Rebecca Maksel with the American Library Association. "[It] covers 700 years in the life of a Pacific Northwest Douglas fir. Each stage in the tree's life is placed not only within the context of history but also an ecological context...This happy melding of history, natural history, and biography is further enhanced by Robert Bateman's fine illustrations to create an instructive and graceful look at the interconnectedness of life."

    Buy Tree: A Life Story by David Suzuki, Wayne Grady through by clicking here and up to 8.5% of the purchase will go to support the Isla Earth Radio Series.

    Isla Earth Radio Series brought to you by...
    Catalina Island Conservancy
    the Annenberg Foundation's Blue Planet Initiative, and produced by the Catalina Island Conservancy, because Earth is an Island.

    About the Catalina Island Conservancy...

    Station Spotlight
    Berlin Radio Tower

    KMSU 89.7 FM
    Mankato, Minnesota

    "Isla Earth is a wonderful environmental program that provides a great community service for our listeners. It fits well with our mission as an independent public educational radio station." Karen Wright, Program Director

    Find a station broadcasting Isla Earth near you, or call your favorite local station to request it! Click here.

    CONNECT with Nature and Conservation Efforts in Minnesota...

    The Friends of the Minnesota Valley is a nonprofit conservation organization that works in partnership with citizens, land management agencies, community leaders and others to promote habitat conservation, sustainable land use practices, and improved water quality of the Minnesota River and its Watershed.

    The Land Stewardship Project is a grassroots non-profit organization made up of farmers, as well as rural and urban residents working together to secure a healthful food supply. They promote sustainable farming practices, preserve soil, water and wildlife, support diversified, profitable family-sized farms, organize communities for positive change, hold corporations and government accountable, and create a new sustainable vision for the food and agriculture system.

    The Mankato Area Environmentalists are an ongoing voice for environmental quality, a resource to other environmental and community groups, and a source of action to shape environmental policies and practices in the Minnesota River Valley - Bend of the River area of south-central Minnesota.

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