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Catalina Island Conservancy

photo gallery

Photos by Carlos de la Rosa Chief Conservation and Education Officer Catalina Island Conservancy

September 2008

A Tale of Two Archipelagos Part 2

As a group of isolated islands, the Galapagos shares with Catalina the distinction of being home to numerous endemic species (that is, species found nowhere else on Earth), many of which have unique, interesting or even downright bizarre habits and characteristics.  Sometimes it is their behavior that stands out; other times it's their way of life or their physical characteristics that are odd or different than what is expected.  In any case, island flora and fauna provide us with a window into natural processes such as isolation, adaptation and evolutionary change.

In this, Part II of our exploration of the Galapagos Islands, we'll meet some very interesting plants and animals and draw parallels with Catalina's species.  Some of these contrasts may surprise you!  Even though Catalina and the Galapagos are thousands of miles apart, occasionally, our stories run parallel. Members of the Conservancy Board and Staff traveled to the Galapagos last May to learn lessons on Galapagos and to share our own.  A few "Galapagoans" have also traveled far and wide and arrived on Catalina, although not by design, but by accident.  Their stories are contained in this photo gallery.

So, come and discover some of the Galapagos resident denizens in this conclusion to A Tale of Two Archipelagos. Learn More