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Long Live the Catalina Island Fox!
A behind-the-scenes look at caring for our foxes

As we head into the winter months of 2010, we find our recovering Island fox still making leaps and bounds in replenishing its numbers since the population crashed in 1999 due to an outbreak of distemper. The efforts of the Conservancy and its partners and supporters have paid off. It is expected that the total population this year will exceed the 1,000-fox mark, a true milestone and the fastest endangered species recovery on record.

This success, however, comes with an added responsibility. There are many more foxes in the landscape and on the roads, so careful driving is a must. In this gallery we revisit the work of wildlife biologists Julie King, Calvin Duncan and their collaborators as they trap, examine, assist and monitor this endearing uniquely Catalina species.

Trap a fox here!

Photos and captions by Carlos de la Rosa, Chief Conservation and Education Officer