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Catalina Island Conservancy

Photo by Dr. Carlos de la Rosa

October 2007

Plants, animals abound on Catalina's watery world

Catalina Island is surrounded by water.
Not only that, but the water that first arrives as rain, runs through the Island to feed lakes and reservoirs, to gurgle and splash in creeks and washes, to collect into pools and salinas, and to form wetlands and feed springs.

All of this salt, fresh and brackish water form edges with the land, where life takes a grand stand. Many organisms live and thrive in this water-land interface. Their lives are complex, extraordinary and even bizarre. Join Dr. Carlos de la Rosa the
Conservancy's Chief Conservation and Education Officer, get on your virtual knees, and explore the edges of this watery terrain, discovering the protagonists and the stories that take place at the water's edge. Click on the link below.

At the Water’s Edge