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Explore the Wrigley Memorial & Botanic Garden
Discover some of Catalina's unforgettable beauty

In 1935, Ada Wrigley began planting exotic desert plants on Catalina. The temperate climate made it possible to showcase plants from all over the world. The Garden languished during World War II, but was restored and expanded starting in 1970.

In addition to the cactus garden that features more than 500 exotic species of cacti and succulents, there is a native plant collection with 100 or so endemic and native plants of California's Channel Islands.

Today, the Garden is an exciting place to visit, where you can see eight Catalina endemic plant species on display. You can wander the paths, taking in the vibrant colors and interesting textures of the cactus garden and native plant collection.

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Text by: Tricia Bennett
Photos by: Frank Hein and Jack Baldelli