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Catalina Island Conservancy

photo gallery

Photos by Carlos de la Rosa Chief Conservation and Education Officer
Catalina Island Conservancy


June 2008

Aliens Alive! Part Two

Here is another batch of plant species alien to Catalina Island. Some, like Aleppo pine, pampas grass and ice plant, are very invasive and tend to overwhelm our native species.  Others, such as tree tobacco, are poisonous to animals and humans. And yet, others are interesting in their origins and in the uses people have for them. For example the statice that is used in flower arrangements has a little surprise hidden in its purple flower bunches. The hooked fruits of the spiny cocklebur have inspired a common household tool. (You'll have to go into the gallery to find out more about these interesting plants!).  You'll also find out what the Conservancy is doing to control these species and about our most powerful and effective weapon against invasive species