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From Seed to Shining Seed
Catalina Island's plants and their unique seeds

Flowering plants reproduce by producing blooms that eventually turn into fruits that contain seeds. In this his issue we'll follow some of Catalina's most beautiful plants from the moment that their seeds are brought to the Conservancy's Native Plant Nursery and begin their journey back into the wildlands as home-grown Catalina Natives.

All seeds contain a tiny embryo. These baby plants are usually surrounded by nutritive tissues that help them grow once they sprout. From each seed, a small root emerges, ready to tap into the soil and begin to absorb nutrients for the growing plant. The seeds found on Catalina are beautiful, strange, diverse and wonderfully adapted to the various conditions and opportunities for plants on the Island. Some are dispersed by wind, others by water, and yet others by animals; a few are dispersed by their own devices. Some seeds are quite large, like oak acorns, and some so tiny they look like dust. But all of them are part of the balance of nature on our incredible Island.

This month's gallery includes close-up images that include a blue ruler at the bottom. Each division represents 1 millimeter or 0.039370 of an inch!

Plant yourself in front of your computer and explore the fascinating world of Catalinas seeds!

Text and Photos by:
Carlos de la Rosa, Bill Bushing and Denise Knapp