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Isla Earth for Radio Stations

The Isla Earth Radio Series is an engaging science-based radio series exploring issues of local, national, and global importance to your listeners. Our goal is to increase ecological awareness, deepen understanding, and encourage environmentally sustainable choices. We are honored to have won first place in the News Bureau category at the Los Angeles Press Club's 50th Annual Journalism Awards gala on Saturday, June 21, 2008. Read more.

We produce five new shows a week, one for each weekday. These are intersitial modules, 90 seconds in length. The perfect fit to cap a locally produced environmental program or as drive time filler.

The program is FREE for radio broadcast. Learn about our generous sponsors by clicking on the "Sponsors & Partners" link on the left-hand side.

For broadcast rights and permissions, please contact the producer.

Easy delivery...

By using the "Station Login" above, you can download one month's worth of programming with a single click. The programs are usually available two weeks prior to the next month. We can also send you a CD once a month. Or, you can access the shows on PRX.

Subjects and content review process...

Topics presented in our shows represent balanced, nonpartisan, views on a wide array of subjects and issues related to the environment and conservation. The scripts then go through an extensive five-tiered review process that includes scientists, editors, and producers.

Past shows...

Check out our extensive library of past show by clicking on the tab above titled Radio Shows. You can read and listen to shows by date, keyword selection, or by word search, i.e. "bear". To listen and read upcoming shows, you can use the "Station Login" above.

Carriage station support...

We list our carriage stations on our website homepage in the section "Station Spotlight". We also promote our carriage stations through our monthly e-Digest, an online newsletter that is distributed to a growing list of subscribers. Each month we highlight one carriage station and a few community groups and organizations near the station that are doing interesting environmental and conservation work.

Download Carriage Form (PDF)