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The Power Of BOB - January 30th
Everything's bigger in Texas. Even BOB!

"BOB" stands for "Big 'ol Battery." The nickname conferred by locals in Presidio, Texas, to an experimental electricity storage system, a battery that's the size of a small warehouse.

It sits right there in Presidio, and can power the whole town for eight hours, in case of grid failures.

BOB illustrates how Texas is emerging as a powerhouse in experimental electricity storage, and for good reaso...

Radio Station Spotlight

Isla Earth Radio Station Spotlight

KWMR 90.5 FM & 89.3 FM
West Marin County, California

“Isla Earth’s range of topics is stimulating: from Eco-Mayors to Sod Roofs to Cow Dung Fueling Cars. The series is thoughtfully produced, and an enriching element in our Morning Shows, News and Environmental Programming.”

–Lyons Filmer, Program Director.